Alluc’s New Look

Through years Alluc gain numerous visitors and viewer browsing and looking for movies to watch and movies to be shown. Alluc admin did a good job on maintaining its credibility and trust of viewers, thus the admin make a big changes in the site from movie browsing to search engine making people search more easily.

catsThe new look is great, easy browsing and viewer friendly. Just input the film you want to see and all the film will show, even if you forget some words in the film just one word and it will show you all the film having those words. The best part is that you can even search in some of their host site without changing the url or opening another window, one click and the main site will search for you. The new site is very convenient and now it will show you any video involving the word you input. The site has to options the Streaming button and the Download button. The site have several host like,,,,,,,,,, and and be sure that they will add more host in the site. You can choose from any of this host site to stream your videos. Like the Streaming button the Download button has several sites to choose like,,,,,,,,,, and Like I said before their will be more host to be added when time comes.Untitled1

Other added functions are the sort button, the found date and the language button. The language button is very useful; instead of just English other languages can be use like German, Spanish, French, Italian and Hebrew. This option can be a big help to others especially to those people not that good in English. You can also sort the site found by relevance, date and Name. In the upper right side of the page there is a button, the button consist of several options like the latest video uploaded and downloadable video, the trending and the most discuss videos, the wiki (information about the site) and the about button (the use of every button in the site). The new look really is great with a few more adjustment to the page the site will be awesome and really can attract people who usually likes to browse. I give this improve Alluc a 8.5/10 for being user friendly.

This video is the old Alluc try to open it yourself and see the difference.

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One Response to Alluc’s New Look

  1. Sorry new look doesn’t look good at all. It completely Windows 8’d the site for no reason


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